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Tax Credits LLC assists in the development of a professional and reliable tax credit market, one state at a time, utilizing our strong ethics and knowledge of the market.

The Placement Specialists of Tax Credits, LLC are industry leaders, placing over $850 million in various state tax credits and handling over 1900 transactions to date. Their extensive experience with States that offer transferable incentives translates to quick and efficient monetization of film tax credits for production companies. Through consistent communication with taxing authorities, Tax Credits, LLC is a valuable source of current and applicable information that is so critical to Buyers. And Tax Credits, LLC is actively involved with Film Commissions and Legislators to ensure that each program is fair and marketable. Tax Credits, LLC's commitment to education, ethics and efficiency, has made Tax Credits, LLC a trusted name among Sellers, Buyers and State Officials.

By enlightening buying companies, we stimulate demand and consistent pricing in the market place. The result: a stable environment which ensures the highest possible price for the Seller, and fosters economically rewarding production right here in the United States.