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Tax Credit Placement Specialists
40 Years Team Experience

Areas of Expertise

Film Tax Credits
Film Tax Credits

In the US and Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Tax Credits
Puerto Rico

Tourism, Pharmaceutical and

other Puerto Rico Tax Credits

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

Qualified tech/biotech companies in New Jersey may transfer their NOL and R&D based tax credits.

Robotic Lab Assistant
Research & Development

Various states offer transferable tax credits earned by companies that invest in research and development

Yellow Building

Transferable state tax credits are awarded to companies that invest in rehabilitation of historic buildings.

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Economic Development

Transferable NJ GROW tax credits are awarded to companies that invest in capital improvement and jobs.

Environmental Scientist

Transferable tax credits are awarded in various states to incentive environmental clean-ups.  

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At Tax Credits US, our mission is to ensure that each client receives personal, strategic, ethical and quality tax credit consulting service.  Since 2005, our professionals have placed billions of certificated tax credits throughout the United States, maximizing value to tax credit buyers and sellers. 

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Why Us?


Our proven system has played an important role in the historic development of a professional and orderly tax credit market.

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