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Haddad's: From gas station to entertainment rental empire

Pittsburgh — You definitely know David Haddad’s name, even if you may not necessarily be able to remember where you saw it.

Here’s a hint: It’s on the side of those giant trucks or trailers you see whenever a movie or TV series is being filmed here. That would be the 66-year-old Pleasant Hills native’s company, Haddad’s Inc., which boasts on its website that it’s “the leading film and television equipment rental company in America.”

Haddad’s equipment has been used on more than 3,400 films nationwide over its 66-year history. And to think it all started with a humble Pittsburgh gas station.

Haddad recently granted the Post-Gazette a rare interview to discuss the rebound of Pennsylvania’s entertainment industry from the havoc wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

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