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Minnesota Lawmakers Reach Deal on $5 Million Film Tax Credit

By Gene Maddaus

The Minnesota House and Senate have reached a deal to create a new $5 million-a-year tax credit for film and TV production in the state.

The bill language was unveiled on Monday as the Legislature began a special session to pass a budget. The budget package is expected to pass both chambers either later this week or next week, and is expected to be signed by Gov. Tim Walz.

The state has never had a tax credit for production. The entertainment unions, led by SAG-AFTRA, have lobbied lawmakers to create one, arguing that films about Minnesota are currently shot out of state. Several studios also supported the credit.

Advocates for a credit have noted that the “Fargo” TV series was set in Minnesota but shot in Alberta, and later moved to Chicago. They have also argued that “Blood on the Tracks,” a film based on the Bob Dylan album, should be shot in Dylan’s hometown of Hibbing. They warned that it will go to Louisiana if the state does not provide a tax credit. READ MORE

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